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The Rock (music) upon which the Church is built: Celebrating the U2charist

I was talking with my friend Halden the other day and in the conversation he mentioned to me something he had heard about called U2charist. Halden explained to me that the U2charist is the celebration and partaking of the eucharist to the music of U2. I could hardly believe what I was hearing, but upon searching YouTube I was able to find several videos of congregations celebrating the U2charist. I’ve included one of them below for everyone’s…everyone’s…well, do with it what you want.

Apparently, this is the new way of some of today’s churches as they are emerging from…something/somewhere into/unto…something/somewhere else. I’m not really sure how all that works, but maybe they too still haven’t found what they are looking for.

While there is much that could be said about this movement I will hold off for now and allow people to comment as they like. I will add a follow up response soon after I have thought a little more about the reasons this bothers me so much.