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Zizek in Portland!

Anyone who lives in the broader Portland, OR area is sure to be familiar with Powell’s Books (the nation’s largest independently owned used book store) and the literary events they host, in which authors come and perform readings of a recent published work. By some lucky chance, Slavoj Zizek is going to be here in the NW presenting his new book, Violence, and reading several excerpts.

The book is part of Picador’s “Big Ideas, Little Books” series, a series designed to introduce key philosophical ideas and topics to a broader, lay audience. This little book is a fun read, and far more accessible than some of his other works (The Parallax View, Organs Without Bodies, take your pick), which can leave some readers, like myself, feeling defeated before completing the Introduction. True to form, Zizek addresses the topic of violence with his usual companions of Lacan, Marx, Hegel, and Nietsche, and offers insightful critiques and correctives. If anyone is in the Portland area tonight the event is being held at Powell’s Books on Burnside. Here is a link to the Powell’s page.


Slavoj Žižek on toilets and ideology


I was thinking this morning about the books my friend recommended to me and a Žižek excerpt came to mind on toilets and ideology. I may just have to give these books a chance. Who knows, there may be more to them than I thought.