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Race: A Theological Account – J. Kameron Carter

Yesterday, I finally picked up my copy of J. Kameron Carter’s new book, Race: A Theological Account, and while I may have shot myself in the foot in buying it during the semester, it is turning out to be well worth it. Having just begun the book, I don’t yet have a detailed commentary, but I can say with confidence that this book is one deserving such detailed engagement. His argument is as provocative as it is learned, and is sure to stand as a future benchmark for any serious theological engagement with the issues of racial identity, body politics, and the corresponding theological discourse that frames them. Skip a couple meals and go out and buy it! I highly recommend!

For now, if anyone is interested in an engagement with the book they can check out David Horstkoetter’s posts. Hopefully more engagement will continue to arise around the blogosphere in the following weeks as people wade through this substantial volume by Carter.