…between Levinas and Derrida…

As I have been reading Levinas over the past couple months, I have found it rather difficult to locate people who want to engage with me concerning his work and ideas. In light of this, I have simply turned my attention to finding other books that engage his philosophy and settle for people in print. I’ll be the first to admit that his work isn’t the most accessible, but I’m truly convinced that his ideas are worth all the hard work it takes to understand.

With that said, I stumbled across a helpful blog this morning titled “…between Levinas and Derrida…” This blog appears to be a college course on the work of Levinas and Derrida, and issues of otherness in general. As a college course, it may only have limited lifespan, and therefore a limited value, but it looks rather promising for entering into discussions on the work of Levinas. I’m hoping that it will be as promising as it looks. So, if anyone is interested I would encourage you to check it out. I’ve included the link above, or it can also be found on my blogroll.


2 Responses to “…between Levinas and Derrida…”

  1. 1 d. w. horstkoetter May 3, 2008 at 12:46 am

    Eric, you should check out Louis-Marie Chauvet, Symbol and Sacrament: A Sacramental Reinterpretation of Christian Existence, Translated by Patrick Madigan, S.J., and Madeleine Beaumont. He uses quite a bit (thats putting it mildly I think) of Levinas, Derrida, Hiedegger, etc. and is quite formative for Catholic sacramental thought today.

  2. 2 ericroorback May 3, 2008 at 1:44 am

    Thanks for the recommendation, David. That sounds really good. I’ll have to check it out.

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