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My top 10 reasons for finally jumping on the blogging bandwagon:

(1) With a blog as a place to write and talk about various topics, I will finally be able to say things at cocktail parties like, “Well as I have written elsewhere, if I may paraphrase myself…” like the bartender from the movie Kicking and Screaming (no, not the one with Will Ferrell. It’s ok, that’s what I first thought too).

(2) In thinking about the social existence of humanity and the role that recognition plays in the making and taking of life, I decided that without a blog I couldn’t exist in the world of blogs. [However, this “new life” is thoroughly contingent upon others reading and responding to the things I write. Otherwise my blogging life will be short lived] Today, apparently, Descartes’ dictum, “I think , therefore I am” has been replaced by , “I post, therefore I am.” Or, so says Wired magazine.

(3) So people who write articles for Wired magazine can be justified in their stereotypes of people today.

(4) If Jesus had decided to become man today instead of during the 1st century, he definitely would have had a blog! (WWJD?)

(5) The 12 disciples, following in the footsteps of Jesus (NB: the use of the words “footsteps” and “Jesus” here in the same sentence is not intended to conjure up images of the popular “Footsteps” picture/story where some person who had been walking on a beach with Jesus wonders why there was only one set of footsteps during the difficult times…You know the one. No, I mean following in his footsteps in the sense of following his example as their Rabbi), would have followed suit and started blogs as well. However, I could see there being some problems, like some sort of internal contention among the disciples over which was the greatest: Blogspot or WordPress; maybe Peter denying that he ever posted on Jesus’ blog or was a friend on his Facebook; Judas questioning Jesus on why he didn’t use his blog space for advertising in order to make money to give to the poor; Thomas having a hard time believing in the reality of the World Wide Web, which allowed for the existence of Jesus’ blog, because it wasn’t something he couldn’t see and touch.

(6) Because writing is the prune of learning that prevents intellectual constipation.

(7) I’m sure “starting a blog” is somewhere on the list of things white people do.

(8) Blogging is kinda like writing. So starting a blog, and therefore being a writer by extension, I can justify the many hours I spend in coffee shops reading and playing on the internet, buying pastries that are overpriced and unfilling (though incredibly good!), drinking coffee in ungodly quantities, and always being broke.

(9) Well…everyone else is doing it. I mean, seriously…come on.

(10) With a blog I can simply delete anyone’s comments who disagree with what I have to say so that I don’t have to listen.